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Landscapes of the West & Beyond


Art James West
(Listed in the Artist Blue Book as Alan Heuer)

Art West Studio
112 West San Francisco Street, Suite 109
Santa Fe, New Mexico 87108

I've loved America since I was a kid. The beauty, the grandeur. Yeah, the corny stuff -- from sea to shining sea, purple mountains majesty and all that.

I used to travel a lot with my folks and have been to 48 contiguous states. I used to gaze out the window of our old '58 Chev and imagine putting it all to paint, I dreamed America! I remember sitting out in front of the Tetons in the mid 60s pushing some paint around on a piece of masonite. To be a painter you have to paint! And folks now consider me a master oil painter. I've been painting the West for over 40 years and a little bit of New York City and other places thrown in.

Originaly from Wyoming, I went of to New York City and trained and performed as a classical clarinet player. Even did Carnegie. But, I missed the West and I wanted to paint.

So I left the City, and arrived in northern New Mexico in 2000 where I immersed myself in the Taos art scene and began to develop my own painting style. In a short time I established myself as a contemporary of the original Taos School. Now considered a Taos Icon, I won the 2006 Taos Fall Arts Festival "Taos Invites Taos" (now Taos Select) best representational painting the first time I entered.

In 2013 I took on the nickname "Art West". I am listed in The Artist's Bluebook as Alan Heuer. Folks just cannot say or spell my last name. I want to be found and Art West seems to fit. No, I'm not a cowboy even though I grew up in Lander, Wyoming, and I love the West. And, I do like to wear a cowboy hat. I like the way it keeps the sun and rain off my face. And I've had a couple of horses, but truly I'm a painter. I like the romance of it all. The West and paint! I Dreamed America!

In 2013, I moved my studio to Santa Fe, to the Plaza Mercado, Suite 109, 112 W. San Francisco Street (one block south of the main Santa Fe Plaza). Time to bring this stuff to America, especially those who love its land, its places and people and old trucks and the great, beautiful potential of this place, the spirit, the love.

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Best Regards!
Art West


Trucks in Oz by Art West


Ballooning on the Rio Grande by Art West


The Three Towers by Art West


God Is In The Moon by Art West


On the Road to Lili's by Art West


Honeymoon in Oz by Art West


World Trade Center Memorial by Art West


Fibonacci Stairs by Art West


Lander 2000 by Art West